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The lucky dog.

 There is a student's belief about the station "Ploshchad’ Revolutsii" of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of Moscow Metro. 

There are statues of a dog with a border guard, which are located in the arches of the station, and if you pat the nose of a dog you’ll definitely pass all the exams successfully. As a result of the actions based on this belief, a dog's nose shines like a well-polished samovar.  

People are constantly coming to the statues at the station, even if they are not superstitious. Patting the dog's nose passing through the station "Ploshchad’ Revolutsii" has become a tradition of the Moscow Metro. Another tradition connected to these statues is to steel the revolver of the soldier: an average loss of weapons accounts for 3-4 times a year.

Actually, there are four dogs, you should choose the lucky one to pat it's nose =)

Also you may pat a cock there and it will provide you with personal happiness. 

To fulfill any wish you have you should pass through all the stations on "Kol'tsevaya" line. Passing other lines from one end to another is thought to be a good sign.

To meet a violin player between "Partizanskaya" and "Izmaylovskaya" promises a great piece of luck if you give him a coin. On "Borovitskaya" you shouldn't ask the woman near escalator why the second escalator doesn't work.  

If you´ve arranged a date and want it to be very good you should stand for a while under the lamp on the station "Novokuznetskaya".  

I have no idea which of these lamps is the lucky one.