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The City Hall and City Duma.

The Moscow City Duma is the permanent supreme and sole legislative (representative) state authority in Moscow. Duma consists of 35 deputies elected by residents of the capital on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot for four years period.

The main objectives of the Moscow City Duma are:

adoption of legislative acts in Moscow;

execution of the right of legislative initiative in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation; 

approval of the city budget,

a report on its implementation and monitoring of the budget funds usage;

approval of the reconstructing and building plan for the city of Moscow,

socio-economic development;

supervision of local authorities;

establishment and abolition of municipal taxes and other obligatory payments;

establishing fines and other types of administrative responsibility of citizens, officials and businesses for violating the law on matters relating to the conduct of Moscow.

Also, the Moscow City Duma gives its consent to the appointment of public prosecutor of Moscow, the chairman, vice chairman and auditors of Control and Accounts Chamber, and also appoints justices of the peace in Moscow. Moscow City Duma is authorized to impeach the Mayor and the Moscow City Government or its individual members, as well as officials in the appointment of whom participated.