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Places for gatherings.

Chistue prudi (ChP)

The abbreviation goes to the Russian word for "emergency situation”.

Chistue prudi is the metro station around which especially Goths are wandering each late evening. It was the most popular place for gatherings about 5 years ago, now gatherings here are in the process of recession, but it is still very nostalgic place for some people whose childhood was possessed by this place, so you can see there sometimes some exceptional examples of Goths and Freaks. Due to their age, maturity and intelligence, most of them will not only be able to answer your questions, but also will be glad to do so. But be careful not to be encountered by some low-level people who will abuse you or even push to the water of the fountain at the far end of the alley.  


This place is situated at Bolotnaya square in Moscow. After trespassing the bridge where lovers by tradition hang their locks with their names for their love to be eternal, you will get to another world. Doors of Wonderland are opened each Friday evening (when it’s hot enough to be here at late evening surely). Be aware of time and arrive at 9 p.m. and you’ll be entertained by great fire-show. However, those who watch it are noble thing to look at too. People of all different subcultures gather here and in big quantities.  

Patriarshie prudi.

This is a historical place too. Events of "Master & Margarita” take place there. Although now it’s more a place for gruesome young people. They gather there in the evenings, each company has its place – special bench to meet at. Most freaks are there.  


This is situated near to the metro station "Oktyabrskaya”. Crowds of people are drinking there on Fridays, relaxing, dancing, practicing some sports even like capoaira. But be careful – subway is a place prohibited for gatherings by law at Fridays evenings. This is due to the accidents and quarrels, even fightings, between nazists and Goths that held place here.  


In summer different people are walking here from to place and you can see people of really rare look among historical places here.