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Mysterious places.

Many  stations of Moscow Metro, as well as many old buildings have been constructed at the former cemeteries , and therefore they are believed to have the negative effect on the passengers. The negative effect increases in Metro because of the absence of sunlight, which is considered to be a natural barrier for negative energy. Of course, not all the stations are equally dangerous for the mentality of Moscovites. 

Among the "bad" places there are stations "Aleksandrovskiy Sad", "Arbatskaya", "Borovitskaya" and "Biblioteka imeni Lenina". These stations are in the list because of the old cemetery of the village Staroe Vagan'kovo. The same reason adds to the list "Sokol" and "Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad'". 

"Novokuznetskaya", "Krasnye Vorota", "Pushkinskaya", "Polyanka" and "Lubyanka" are also ill-famed.