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Night clubs.


This is club not for poor people or bloody posers. Concerts of different internationally known bands are taking place there. Stars like Marilyn Manson, Oomph, Lady Gaga were all performing there with the great success. This is expensive place to go and prices at bar will freak you out probably, so just be ready to spend a lot of money here. And remember – it worth it!    


This is one more place to go to watch different shows. In case you’re looking for a warm company and hospitality – you’ll find it here as well as good shows. Alkoride – an internationally known model and great friend – will be the mistress of the evening and yours.  

Tabula rasa.

This is interesting place. Day after day such a different events take place here – that you’d never believe the same people will go there daily. In case you’re fond of fetish and BDSM shows you will find them here in par with horror shows and fire shows. They’re really great to watch. Freak elite is gathering here. They’re not very pleasant people, but in case you’d like to see a bizarre show you’d be here by all means!! Girls from "Henreven” will lure you and Agna Devi – the most famous fetish model in Moscow – will perform in vinyl clothes or in burlesque style for you, not worse than Dita Von Teese.  


This is treat, cheap and simply great. You will find in its program different concerts that will be interested for punks or Goths – depends on date. You’ll be able to drink and dance and relax.