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Squares of Moscow.

Squares in Moscow are an integral part of the architectural image of the Russian capital. Among the vast number of the Moscow streets, there are dozens of old squares with an interesting history. New squares in Moscow appeared with the growth of the city and the construction of new streets. Many of them are large and organized in a modern way. Construction of ancient Moscow was according to the radial-ring system. Radial highways are former roads, a ring system appeared in the place of former defensive capacity and the city limits. There are several rings encircling the basis of the city - the Kremlin, in Moscow. First there was a ditch along the Kremlin and Kitay-Gorod walls, which became a base for a wonderful system formed of the central squares. At the end of the XVI century walls of Bely Gorod were constructed. Now there is the Boulevard Ring with the squares which appeared where used to be walls crossing gates. Zemlyanoy Gorod appeared in 1630-ies. Its fortifications were the next protective ring around the city. Later here were gardens which gave name to the Garden Ring. On the intersections of the major radial streets there are new squares. In the XVIII century Kamer-Kollezhsky Val appeared, defining new border of the city. Fragmentarily it preserved in the form of wide streets, and it gave birth to squares near the former outposts. Within a radius of the Boulevard Ring there are too a lot of new and ancient squares.

Here we would like to give you some information about the squares in Moscow, because while the Red Square is widely known another squares can be very interesting to visit too. 

Manezhnaya Square.
Theatre and Revolution Squares.
Lubyanka Square.
Staraya and Novaya Squares.
Slavyanskaya and Varvarskaya Squares.
Birzhevaya (Exchange) Square.
Red Square.
Bolotnaya Square.
Kaluzhskaya Square.
Gagarin Square.