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In case you’re looking for a silent heaven in the commotion of the big city that will be the right place for you! Situated in Donskoy, this cemetery keeps the memory of different important historical events. Graves of many soldiers and some artists are here. You can also find some stones dedicated to foreigners.

What’s more alluring – there’s one mysterious place in here. In the centre of circle of black stones , there’s a little bench hidden by snow in the winter and among fir-trees in summer. A beautiful place to stay – just sit down there for a few minutes, think of ephemeral nothing or probably of life, death and destiny and you will be certainly relaxed. Beautiful place for your soul.  


Situated near the metro station called by the same name, this is one of the largest cemeteries and the most-European like with big monument dedicated to Jesus in the middle. You’d probably like just to walk here.  


This is the right place for sight-seeing!! As much monuments with widows crying, angels praying, crosses and Russian vision of Jesus you’ll find nowhere else. What’s more intriguing – you’ll see a lot vaults, some of them are opened – in case you’ll find one and not scared – you can be guest into it. There is one place to meet each other also – in case you’re lost with your friends you can always find each other near the big vault covered by signatures and poems by hand that is not far from the entrance and on the left.  


This is important historical place, many artists are lying here, and many writers dedicated their poems to its old, saint graves of the authors of masterpieces. In case you want your walk to contain the collaboration of history and mystery you should go there.